Thank you for your interest in Step Into Wellness! Get ready to enjoy a healthy life filled with energy and vitality.

Starr Pittaway, CNHP provides Wellness evaluations, and with complete course work during 2010, has become an Advanced Digestive Specialist working with Stiff, Sore Joints, Headache, Heartburn, Gas and Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhea, Anxiety, Irritability, and Restlessness. In addition by removing heavy metals and chemicals (detoxing) and fortifying or supporting the body with nutrients, nutritional supplements, and enzymes we can enjoy quality of life with vitality.  Humans are capable of living in balance with energy and in a state of homeostasis.

Step into Wellness - Weight Loss Program

By Removing abnormal fat we may have more energy, lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, reduce the chances of hip and knee replacements, while enjoying elevated self esteem and confidence.

Ionic Foot Bath Detox:
Restores energy at the cellular level. Removes heavy metals such as aluminum, antimony, tin and lead. Heavy metals can cause: weight gain, fatigue, headaches, learning disabilities, allergic sensitivities, decreased muscle function and flexibility, circulatory and memory impairment, damage to liver, kidneys and lungs.

Release the Weight - Reset the Metabolism:

It is possible to have a healthy weight loss of 1/2 to 2 pounds a day, with an average of 34 pounds in 6 weeks and then the program can Reset the Metabolism. This weight release program is not like any other program available in the United States. It is more than 70 years old, hundreds of thousands of people have used this program to achieve fast, healthy permanent weight loss. 

Rejuvenating Nutritional Supplements:
Feel healthier and years younger, formulated by Dr. Louie Yu with the use of Chinese Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine, and Quantum Physics.                         

Reduce inflammation – supports the body energetically.
Replenish – cells with needed nutrients, builds energy reserves.
Retrace – cleansing, deep healing, rids body of left over residue.
Revitalize – creates better immunity, circulation, improved sensory, organ and motor function, prevention of chronic disease, enhanced physical performance, sharpened mental clarity.

Required to digest and absorb food. Heat processed, cooked preserved food no longer has the enzymes needed for digestion and assimilation. Enzyme deficiency can cause skin rashes, fatigue,PMS, hot flashes, irritable bowel, back, neck, shoulder, bladder, prostate and immune problems, poor circulation, and joint aches.

Bach Flowers:
A safe, effective, natural, individualized flower extract blend that gently restores emotional balance, providing peace, happiness and vitality. Assists with negative emotions including fear, worry, irritability, resentment, panic, shyness, impulsively, procrastination, daydreaming, and lack of faith and confidence.